Fitness Center Design

Whether your facility is already in operation and in need of a makeover, or you’re in the process of adding a fitness facility to your space, Momentum has the expertise and experience to help you transform your vision into reality.
When it comes to fitness center design, there is a unique balance between art and science to ensure efficiency, flow and functionality. Our talented team takes every detail into consideration during the design phase, including profit areas and forecasted growth plans.

Our design team takes unprecedented steps to customize each element. We work with the best equipment manufacturers and service providers in the industry to provide the highest quality products. Momentum will design and implement a solution designed to meet your unique needs, from scientifically engineered sound proof flooring to the latest technology and equipment.

Fitness Center Management

Momentum Fitness will deliver results with our no non-sense proactive approach to corporate fitness center management. We differentiate ourselves by delivering extremely high member utilization rates, class participation numbers, personal training sessions, holistic wellness offerings, profitable operations and member satisfaction, Momentum delivers a unique experience unlike no other.

Momentum Fitness will operate a variety of corporate fitness centers, whether it’s a 2,000 or a 40,000 square foot fitness center within a single or multi-tenant office or residential building or owner operated property.

Our focus is twofold: create the ultimate experience for the member, while exceeding our performance metrics. Every site is closely supported by our corporate team, graphic designers, fitness experts and programmers. In addition to delivering operational efficiencies, our team of talented and trained experts provide expertise and experience to provide unparalleled service and results. We strive to meet our clients where they are in their health and wellness journey, regardless of experience.

We offer fitness center design for all fitness needs:

  • Hotels
  • Employee Wellness Centers
  • Small and Large Fitness Centers
  • Residential Gyms

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